Why Ecclesia?

If you follow me or our new church on social media (check out @ecclesiaoshawa on both Facebook and Instagram!), you may have heard that we officially have a name now! We started meeting with our Core Team in May, and quickly decided that we needed a name for our new community of faith. So, we named our little baby church Ecclesia Church.

You might be thinking, “Ecclesia? That’s a weird word. Why would you choose that?” And, you’d be right. It is a weird word. And that’s partly why we chose it.

Our name tells the story of who we want to be. The Greek word ecclesia is used in the New Testament for the church, and was used throughout Greek culture for a group of people who came together for a purpose. When Jesus used it for the church, however, it seems to have taken on new depth for the early church. Ecclesia literally means “the called out ones,” and the church, then, are those who are called out for God’s purpose. At Ecclesia Church, we want to truly live as God’s called out ones in our world.

This is what it's all about, friends!

This is what it's all about, friends!

But “called out” doesn’t mean “called away.” We don’t call ourselves ecclesia because we long to be carried away from the world, to divorce ourselves from the place and time in which we live. Instead, we believe that we’re called out to share God’s love right where we are, with the people “right under our nose.” We want to experience God’s presence and faithfully live out the hope we have in Christ right here, with and for and among all the people where we live, work, study, and play. To be a called-out people in the midst of our culture, not separated from it.

We hope you’ll join us in living out this identity as the called-out people of God, right here where God has placed us. Curious to know more about what this looks like for us? Check out this summary of the ideas that guide us, and this dive into our rhythm of life together. We hope you'll join us in living into our identity as God's called-out ones in our neighbourhood in North Oshawa!