Prayer Update

Here's how you can pray for North Oshawa this week:

1. Jeremy and I have spent many hours these last few weeks dreaming and strategizing how we want to move forward with this project of building a new community of faith here. I'm realizing that my leadership style is very collaborative, and I have very few people to actually collaborate with right now as I lead this movement - so we're dreaming and scheming up ways to get there. Pray that God will show us how He would have us move, and pray that I would be patient where patience is needed (and I say that for me specifically because Jeremy is much more patient than I am! Ha!)

2. This Saturday is our first of hopefully many worship gatherings in our home. Pray that the right people would come, that we'd recognize God's presence, and that we'd build a new sense of togetherness as we worship and pray together.

3. It's been so fun to continue to see the results of our ice cream party in our neighbourhood (if you missed that story, check it out here!). Earlier this week, it was so fun to run into one of my neighbours who I learned is a teacher and ask her about her first day of school. A simple interaction, but one that would never have happened without a bowl of ice cream. And I see neighbours talking differently to each other, too. Pray that God would continue to grow the seeds of community planted there, and that Jeremy and I would have our eyes opened to opportunities to continue building those relationships and, hopefully, let those relationships blossom into something even bigger.

Thanks for praying along with us!