Prayer Update

Here’s how you can pray for North Oshawa this week:

  1. Jeremy and I have been working together to establish some family rhythms that will contribute to our shared ministry in this new community of faith we’re building - one of which will be a monthly worship service in our home. We’ve sent out some invitations to folks who have expressed interest, and we’re planning together how the evening will go - and now we’re praying that God will move! We pray this will be a warm, welcoming time of worship with friends, along with a shared meal and good conversation. There may be people in attendance who are really familiar with Christ and the church, and perhaps those who are less comfortable, and we pray that God will speak to all of us together as we spend time with music and prayer!
  2. I have meetings coming up with some folks about budget and fundraising things…and, to be honest, those are the areas of church planting that stress me out most. Pray that God will provide what we need, that I’ll be confident and bold (yet friendly) in my requests for support, and that all my anxiety over this area will be proven unnecessary.
  3. Related to numbers 1 and 2 above, I’m so grateful to have people to invite to worship and to talk about finances and to dream together about what this new community of faith might look like. All along I’ve been praying for people - and you’ve been praying with me - and slowly but surely, we’re making connections and building friendships and finding our way together. So - another moment to give thanks!
  4. Finally - next week school begins around here. Just like last week - pray for all the planning and transitions that students, faculty, and staff are doing - both here in Oshawa and in the places where you live!

Thanks for praying with and for us as we continue on this adventure!