Prayer Update

A big thanks to all of you who have been faithfully praying for what God is doing here in Oshawa - some of you, for months and years before I even arrived on the scene! 

Here’s how you can pray for North Oshawa this week:

  1. Pray for the new fall season. I’m not sure what to expect of fall for us, but I’m looking forward to a season in which people are around more than they have been in the summer. Pray for students of all ages as they return to school, pray for churches as they begin a new ministry year, pray for UOIT and Durham College as they start a new year of work and study; pray for the Campus Church ministry on the UOIT/DC campus; pray for those who live in a little pocket of poverty on Nonquon Road and all the changes and shifts that a new school year begins; pray for my neighbours - a number of whom are teachers - as they move forward into this new season.
  2. Continue to pray that God would bring the right people at the right time to this movement to start a new community of faith. I keep meeting people who know God but don’t feel at home in the church, and I’m praying that God will build those relationships and that Jeremy and I might be a place of safety in the midst of a number of different life situations.
  3. These next few months, Jeremy and I plan to begin a few more intentional initiatives as we move towards a new community of faith in north Oshawa. We plan to have a monthly worship gathering, open to folks who are all over the spectrum of faith journeys and experiences. We also plan to continue to have regular prayer gatherings to shower this movement with prayer and listen to what God has to say. I’m also working with a team of folks from Zion CRC - the mother church of our church plant - to do some community mapping this fall. Pray that all these things would be both faithful and fruitful, and that - most of all - they would bring God glory and allow us moments to both experience and embody His grace.

Thanks for praying for what God is doing in North Oshawa!