Prayer Update

Here’s how you can pray for North Oshawa today!

  1. Pray for the disparities in my neighbourhood. As I’m living in north Oshawa, I’m learning more and more about the disconnect between the “haves” and the “have nots” here. I talked about this in an earlier blog post, if you follow along - just one street away from my comfortable, very suburban-feeling home lies an area of deep poverty. And my neighbours across that street have little access to the help that they need, feeling bogged down with unfeeling bureaucracy, facing issues of transportation to the social agencies located on the south end of town, and feeling disconnected from all the growth in the north end that people are all excited about. As I hear these stories, I’m convicted that this new community of faith must be involved in these issues, and I’ve been dreaming of what that looks like. I’m not quite ready to share those dreams yet, but pray that God will make clear what he would have us do - and that he’ll bring the right people to do it together.
  2. Another moment to give thanks - Canada is teaching me heaps about the importance of slowing down and enjoying the moment. I’m learning that folks around here deeply value their summers - and you can tell by the amount of people who are gone on vacations and enjoying all the beauty that Ontario has to offer. Yes, this is true everywhere I’ve lived; summer vacations are not a uniquely Canadian or Ontarian (is that a word?) thing, but it’s taken to new-to-me heights here. I’ve often joked that it feels like the rapture happened at the beginning of July, and I’m left here. :) I’m grateful for the encouragement and value that rest and relaxation and play has among people here. It seems so simple, but it’s a beautiful thing.
  3. Jeremy and I are working to implement some new rhythms as we live into this role as church planting together. We want to open up our home regularly to new friends, to pray with others regularly, and…something else? Pray that God will help us discern the right rhythms to engage in, that He’ll guide us as we live as a family on mission, and that he’ll use these rhythms to grow the Church in north Oshawa!