Prayer Update

Here’s how you can pray for North Oshawa this week:

  1. I’m grateful for an incredibly meaningful prayer walk with some new friends. I learned so much about my own neighbourhood, and I really feel like the five of us who prayed together got a bit more of a sense of God’s heart for north Oshawa. Thank God for this gift!
  2. This week, I began more intentional fundraising work for this new ministry. As I mentioned last week, this is uncomfortable work for me, but I know it’s important. Someone once advised me to think of fundraising as offering others an opportunity to get involved in ministry - and that’s a thought I love. So, continue to pray for this new ministry to receive our “daily bread” so that God’s work in Oshawa would be made possible!
  3. Speaking of prayer, gratitude, and support for this new community of faith - I’m so, so grateful for the amount of prayer support I have. I know many in my mother church, Zion Christian Reformed Church, are praying for me and for north Oshawa faithfully - and have been much longer than I’ve been a part of this initiative. I know all of you are praying along with me each week. I even had a woman ask to meet me to pray together earlier this week, since she couldn’t be part of the prayer walk on Saturday. This means the world to me - and is such an important and needed aspect of my work as a church planter. So, thank you, each of you reading this, for your faithful prayer and support - I thank God for each of you!