I read a number of fun lifestyle blogs - blogs that cover topics from food, parenting, home decor, fashion, travel, you name it. One of my favorites is called In Residence, and the author, Anne, each months posts a "Currently" list - a list with different categories in which she shares what she's up to right now. So, as a fun getting-to-know-you exercise, I thought I'd follow Anne's lead and share what I'm up to, currently:

Planning: Food with new friends! One of the best parts about this beginning stage of church planting (and if I'm doing it right, all the stages of church planting) is that I get to focus a lot of my energy on getting to know Oshawa and the people that live here. So, lately, I've been planning some get-togethers in coffee shops, toddler playgroups, over lunch, and at our home for dinner with people I'm meeting in Oshawa. Which means I pretty much have the best job ever.

Enjoying: Getting back into working out. With the whole moving process, it had been about four weeks since I had a really good workout. But now that my family and I are feeling a bit more settled, it's felt good to take a few runs around the neighbourhood, and I even broke out my at-home dumbbells the other day. I'm a little sore, but it feels good to get moving again.

Buying: Plants! My parents were here over the weekend to celebrate my official commissioning as a church  planter, and one afternoon my mom bought me some flowers and helped plant them around the yard. I love the little pops of color I can see when I look out the window, and now I just want more. I bought a couple of house plants yesterday, and I can't stop peeking at them in their new home on my fireplace mantel!

Craving: Water. After eight years on the west coast of the US, I'm not used to humidity! I admit I've always been a bit of a complainer when it comes to hot and humid weather, but Seattle doesn't get much of this kind of summer, so the weather lately has felt extra warm to me. Today is nice and cool, though, so I'm enjoying that. And, of course, I take some water breaks for the occasional cup of coffee. :)

So, what are you up to? Play along and let me know what you're doing, currently, too!