Prayer Update

Here’s how you can pray for our church planting efforts in north Oshawa, Ontario this week:

  1. Keep praying for people. I’ve been spending lots of time these last few weeks meeting people. I’ve had lunches with local pastors, cups of coffee with folks I’ve met in supporting churches, playdates with neighborhood moms and toddlers. And all of these I think are hugely important as I learn and grow in Oshawa. And I’m praying - and hope you’ll join me in this prayer - that God will provide openings for meaningful conversations in those times, and that he’ll make it clear who the right people are to join me in starting this new community of faith.
  2. Pray for my emotions. I’ll be honest - I’ve had a rather emotional week. Our home in Seattle is finally going on the market this week, which is harder for me to think about than I expected. I’ve had many moments of homesickness and missing beloved people and places in our old home - as I’ve been trying to explore and discover the new people and places for me to love here. I’m learning to love Oshawa and all that’s here - and I’m so, so excited about the opportunity I get to be a part of here…and some days are just hard.
  3. Pray for upcoming initiatives and activities. I plan to host two prayer walks in the next month or so - one for north Oshawa and one more specifically for the campus that’s right in the middle of north Oshawa. I’m currently inviting people and nailing down dates - but those are coming, and I pray that (1) others will join me in praying for these people and places and (2) we’ll hear God speak somehow in the middle of it. Jeremy and I are also planning some kind of neighbourhood ice cream party - we’re thinking sundaes in our front yard and inviting the neighbours on our circle, and we’re also thinking of putting a Little Free Library on our front curb as another way to connect with neighbours (if you’re not familiar with those, check it out here). We’re praying God uses all these things to build relationships and give us opportunity to be good neighbors and share a bit of God’s love with those around us.

Thanks for praying for this new ministry - your support means the world to us!