Prayer Update 1

On Thursdays, I hope to post a few ways you can be praying along with me - for this emerging church and for North Oshawa. So, here we go:

1. Pray for people! My biggest goal for these first few months is to introduce myself to a whole bunch of people - neighbours, folks in community groups I'm finding, other pastors and church leaders, supporters of our church plant. Pray for relationships to be built, for friendships to be forged, and for meaningful conversations to arise.

2. Pray for shifts and changes in North Oshawa. Right in our own neighbourhood, we're seeing a transition taking place in this north end of Oshawa. Our neighbors seem either have lived in their homes for decades, or they've just moved in a few years ago. North Oshawa is facing a lot of transition, with droves of people moving in to new homes - as well as new homes, new retail spaces, and new highways being built. Each new home (and each home for sale) represents a family or an individual with a story, with a history, and with hopes for the future. Pray that God would work through all this transition, and that opportunities would arise for a community to be built in the midst of this transition for our new community of faith to be formed.

3. Pray for our family. We've had a stressful few weeks, with moving and exploring our new home and neighbourhood. To be honest, the first week was just a whole lot of fun and excitement with the newness of it all, but these later weeks have been a bit harder for us all emotionally. I'm beginning to feel more homesick, missing the people and places we left in Seattle. Our little daughter has had enough of being dragged around to furniture stores and Home Depot, and Jeremy's exhausted from lots of Ikea-furniture-building and making phone calls to internet companies and contractors to get our house back in Seattle on the market, etc. Pray that we'd be able to create new routines and find our new people and places in our new home - and that we'd continue to find ways to relax and have fun together in the middle of it all.