An Update: Moving is Exhausting

First of all, let me say that my goal is to keep this blog updated more often than I have been lately. I'm shooting for once a week. Except this time, it's been 12 days since my last post because...well...moving is exhausting.

I'll be honest - this last week hasn't been my favorite. We learned of some rather significant issues with our current house in Seattle that need to be fixed before we can sell the house (our inspector when we bought the house missed some biggies - you know, just asbestos and mold. ugh.). We tried to patch some holes in the wall and learned that we have 6 kinds of grey paint in the garage, none of which are the right grey for this particular largest wall in the house - and when I went to buy a new pint of paint of the color we were told the original color was, it turned out brown, not grey. Plus, I spent a chunk of this afternoon cleaning rat poop out of our garage. (Don't worry, the neighbor cat killed the rat awhile ago and left him as a gift for us.)

Thankfully, none of these issues are huge. Yes, mold and asbestos are big problems in a house, but it's all under our house, which at least means that we've been safe while unknowingly living with those things for the last three years. Walls can be painted, and no potential buyer will be the wiser. And rat poop is gross, yes, but cleanable - plus I found some rubber gloves to help me. So, I'm reminding myself that they're not any life-ending issues - rather, just inconvenient additions to our long to-do list.

All of that said - as of tomorrow, we are two weeks away from our moving date. We've packed 111 boxes (is that a lot?), and we're making the slow march toward our new home in Ontario. I can't stop looking at pictures of our new house, and dreaming of how we'll make it our own. Plus, I got to go to take a break from packing and attend a great conference last weekend - the Inhabit Conference here in Seattle - which was full of inspiring stories and conversations about a new movement of "doing" church (especially church planting) with a heart for relationships and seeking out where God is already at work in your neighborhood. I've been inspired and encouraged these last few weeks, despite a few time-consuming setbacks.

So - that's my update today. Nothing earth-shattering - but where we are. Jeremy, Norah, and I would love your prayers as we enter these last two weeks here in Seattle! We have some big goodbyes coming up - followed shortly by some big hellos! - and we're feeling all the emotions at once. And if anyone has any tips on a Harry Potter-esque spell to simultaneously slow down the days and fast forward to when we're done moving, that'd be great. ;)