A Minor Miracle

In this season of preparing to leave for our new church planting adventure, our family experienced a minor miracle: 

We have a house!

Last week, Jeremy and I went to Oshawa to try our hand at house-hunting. We had debated for awhile whether it might be a better idea to rent for awhile, since that would give us time to scope out neighborhoods and take some pressure off the need for housing…but that never sat right with us.

I’m the first to admit that I tend to be an emotional decision-maker, which can be good and bad, and those gut feelings are important to me, especially in major decisions. In this instance, I always felt in my gut that renting wasn’t what we should do. And, sure, I had more logical reasons, too. Financially, the dollar is in a good position for the exchange rate to work in our favor between the US and Canada, it’s a great time to sell our home in Seattle, so we’ll have a good budget for a new house, interest rates on any loans we might need are great for buyers…yada yada yada (to quote the imitable Seinfeld).

And, perhaps most importantly, owning a home allows our family to dig in some roots from the very beginning. It lets us have a stable place to call home, where we know we’ll be for the foreseeable future, where we can get to know our neighbors and start building a deeper network in Oshawa. 

And all of that is deeply important to us - both in our personal lives and in our church planting.

So - we took a quick trip to Oshawa (just four days!) to see what we could do. I expected to find out that house hunting in high-demand Oshawa was harder than I anticipated, and we’d leave knowing more about what we could afford and with some info on good rentals in the meantime.

But what happened? Well, that’s where it feels like a minor miracle.

We toured 12 houses all together. The very first one we saw was one I had seen online before we arrived, and loved it. And it was even better in person. The one compromise of the house was that it was about 3 blocks south from the exact place we wanted to be located (I’m a stickler for location…), but, really, most people would consider that a non-issue. And, after seeing 11 other houses - some complete wrecks and some too beautiful and expensive - we put in an offer. And the next day, as we were enjoying dinner with our church plant team, our offer was accepted!

So, May 18, we get to move into our new home. 

And now we enter the whirlwind of packing, cleaning, putting our house in Seattle on the market, and saying goodbye to dear friends and places. I think I’m feeling every emotion humanly possible these days - but I’m confident that God is in this next chapter with us, and I’m trusting that if we listen, He’ll show us where to go!

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